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Our Values

The Discipline to focus and harness their potential

The Courage to do what is right always

The Purposefulness to pursue their dreams

The Resilience to overcome life's challenges

The Confidence to Live and to Learn

Mr Pok Vic Tor
Managing Director

Mr Pok Vic Tor was formerly the co-founder of the Litespeed group of education companies prior to founding Viva Kids Pte Ltd. 

The companies were involved in the provision of education services and technology solutions. These included e-learning assessments as well as profiling and management solutions sold to regional public education sector markets in the 2000s before going public in 2005. 


He is a Physical Education and English teacher by

training and co-authored a MOE-approved Primary School

English Textbook, In-step.

Mr Chang Shih Khoon
Executive Director

Mr Chang Shih Khoon is a CFA charter holder and a graduate of the NUS Executive MBA programme, with more than 15 years of operational experience across various industries. 

He started his career in Standard Chartered Bank for 7 years and before joining Hong Kong-listed conglomerate as a General Manager. Thereafter, he took on a Vice-President of Corporate Development role with an Indonesian media conglomerate prior to co-founding Viva Kids Pte Ltd.

Viva Kids Pte Ltd developed the programmes KidsExcel,

UnRavel! Learning and now, PAL Learning.

About Our Founders

Having represented Raffles Institution as student-athletes,
both founders recognise the importance of blending sports and play into children's routines.
This led to the launch of the KidsExcel programme. In 2012, KidsExcel was founded and conceptualised as a Sports and Academic programme to help level the playing field for disadvantaged children. 


A holistic development programme, KidsExcel comprises weekly English and or Maths classes, coupled with sports and physical games. This crucial mix of work and play allow pupils to improve not only their subject understanding but build valuable

social skills and friendships as well.


KidsExcel has been running for over 9 years with

over 10,000 students going through the programme.


From the developers of KidsExcel, UnRavel! Learning,
PAL Learning, and other academic programmes run island-wide over the past 9 years, we believe strongly that all children should grow up to be life-long learners - always asking, always exploring and always adapting to change.


Our MOE syllabus-aligned programmes build strong foundations in English, Math and Science. Students are constantly challenged to think ahead and out-of-the-box. 

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn."

-Benjamin Franklin